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Diego ‘Arkhram’ Palma

  • Professional gamer
  • 100Thieves
  • United States
Arkhram Settings

Diego Palma, commonly known as Arkhram is a professional Fortnite player and twitch streamer. Arkhram and his duo Flaconer participated in the first-ever Fortnite World Cup and finished 5th in the finals and won around 900k USD. since then Arkhram has played and won many tournaments while continuing to grow his career as a streamer as well. Arkhram is currently singed with 100Theives as part of their Fortnite squad.

Arkhram’s Mouse Settings – Logitech G Pro X Superlight

DPIX-Axis SensitivityY-Axis Sensitivity
Polling RateTargeting SensitivityScope Sensitivity

Arkhram’s Keybinds – Steelseries Apex Pro Tkl

Mouse 5QV
Harvesting ToolWeapon Slot 1Weapon Slot 2
Weapon Slot 3Weapon Slot 4Weapon Slot 5
Reload / RotateBuilding EditConfirm Edit on Release
HUD ScaleSprint By DefaultNVIDIA Settings

Arkhram’s Fortnite Video Settings

Display – Alienware Aw2518h

Windowed ModeResolutionFrame Rate Limit
Fullscreen1920×1080240 FPS
BrightnessInterface ContrastColor Blind Mode & Strength
100%1xProtanope 5
View DistanceShadowsAnti-Aliasing
TexturesEffectsPost Processing
Motion BlurVSync Allow Multithreaded Rendering

Arkhram’s Gaming Gear

Arkhram’s PC Specs

Arkhram’s Streaming Setup





Arkhram’s Most Popular Video

Arkhram’s Career

Diego “Arkhram” Palma was born on October 12, 2003, in the United States. Diego loved gaming since his childhood days and grew up watching his dad play World of Warcraft. When he was old enough his father bought him his own account so they can do quests and raid together.

As he grew older, he decided to give other genres like MOBAs and FPS titles a try, and soon after he completely moved to MOBAs and FPS titles. After the release of Fortnite: Battle Royale he decided to give battle royale games a chance and started playing Fortnite: Battle Royale, soon he fell in love with the game and decided to go pro.

In 2018, Arkhram attended his first LAN event Fortnite tournament of the Oakland Esports Arena, and won, during the event Arkhram’s father was approached by one of the event organizers who saw the potential in Arkhram to go pro. Slowly after that Diego started screaming and finally made it to the pro servers. After joining pro servers he started streaming on Twitch in June 2018.

After some time he decided to participate in the World Cup qualifier as a duo with Falconer. Arkhram and Falconer both ended up qualifying for the World Cup as a duo in April 2019, and after a month they were both signed by 100Thieves. Arkhram and his duo Falconer both ended up placing 5th in the first-ever Fortnite World Cup Duo Championship finals and shared the prize money of around 900k USD.

Since then Arkhram has played and won many Tournaments for 100T.

Apart from his professional career as a gamer, he is also focusing on his career as a streamer and Content Creator, and as of September 2021, around 200k followers on Twitch and 150k subscribers on Youtube.

Best Fortnite Tournament Placements:

  • 1st in C2S5: FNCS – Grand Finals: NA West
  • 1st in C2S4: FNCS – Grand Finals: NA West
  • 1st in Ninja Battles – Week 4
  • 2nd in C2S3: FNCS – Grand Finals: NA West
  • 1st in Aqua & Nyhrox Throwback Cup: NA West
  • 1st in DreamHack Open – July 2020: NA West
  • 1st in FNCS: Invitational – Grand Finals: NA West
  • 3rd in FNCS: Chapter 2 Season 2 – Grand Finals: NA West
  • 53rd in Fortnite World Cup Finals – Solo
  • 5th in Fortnite World Cup Finals – Duos
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