Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was released almost 10 years ago and still to this day it is the most played game every day according to Steam Charts and one of the reasons behind that success is CS: GO’s esports scene.

CS: GO’s esports scene is said to be one of the most developed esports scenes and is among the most-watched on Twitch.

Since the CS: GO esports scene is so big there are many star Pro Players like S1mple, Dev1ce, Stewie2k, Shroud, etc. who are followed by millions of fans and they like to keep up with their star players like what gears they’re using, what sensitivity they are currently playing on, etc. and to help fans with that we have made a list of all the current and retired Pro Players of CS: GO to help people find the right match for them.

We would like you to know that this list is still a work in progress and still not perfect since Pro Players keep changing their sensitivity and gears but we do try to keep it updated as much as we can.