Genburten Apex Legends Settings

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Noyan ‘Genburten’ Ozkose

  • Professional Player/Streamer
  • Reignite South
  • Australia
Genburten Apex Legends Settings

Noyan Ozkose, commonly known as Genburten is an Australian-Turkish professional Apex Legends player and Twitch Streamer. Genburten just at the age of 22 is considered among the best Apex Legends players and won many A-tier and B-tier Apex Legends tournaments. Genburten is currently playing for Reignite and is part of their Apex Legends roster since January 2021.

Genburten Controller Settings – Regular Dualshock Controller

Aim ButtonSurvival Slot ButtonTrigger Deadzones
Look Sensitivity (ALC Enabled)Look Sensitivity (ADS)Per Optic Settings
High (4)High (4)ALC Enabled
Response Curve (ALC Enabled)Look Deadzone (ALC Enabled)Movement Deadzone
Inverted LookVibration

Genburten ALC Settings – Regular Dualshock Controller

DeadzoneOuter ThresholdResponse Curve
Yaw SpeedPitch SpeedTurning Extra Yaw
Turning Extra PitchTurning Ramp-up TimeTurning Ramp-up Delay
ADS Yaw SpeedADS Pitch SpeedADS Turning Extra Yaw
ADS Turning Extra Pitch

Genburten Apex Legends Video Settings

Display ModeResolutionAspect Ratio
Field of ViewModel DetailTexture Streaming Budget
110LowVery Low (2GB VRAM)
V-SyncTexture FilteringSpot Shadow Detail
Effects DetailColor Blind ModeAdaptive Resolution FPS
Ambient Occlusion QualityVolumetric LightningImpact Marks
Sun Shadow DetailAnti-AliasingSun Shadow Coverage
Dynamic Spot ShadowsRagdolls

Genburten Gaming Gear

Genburten PC Specs

Genburten Streaming Setup


Mic Arm


Genburten Most Popular Video

Genburten Career

Noyan “Genburten” Ozkose was born on 20th September and is an Australian-Turkish professional Apex Legends player. Genburten grew up playing video games and he has always been a big fan of consoles and controllers. Even though Genburten is currently one of the best players in the Apex Legends pro scene, he has still continued his studies and studying Medical Science at University.

Genburten started his career as a streamer in July 2019 after the release of Apex Legends but he didn’t take it seriously until November 2019. He then took some time off in 2020 most probably due to his exams but he never left seriously grinding the game and on November 2020, he finally got his big break when he was signed by Made in Thailand Team 2, even though he wasn’t signed with them for long and but it did help him and he was later signed by Reignite South.

Genburten just at the age of 22 has earned around $42k just by competing in Apex Legends tournaments and has around 300k followers on Twitch. Where he can be found streaming almost regularly.

Best Apex Legends Tournament Placements:

  • 2nd in ALGS: 2022 Split 1 Playoffs – APAC South
  • 1st in ALGS: 2021 Split 1 Pro League – APAC South
  • 8th in ALGS Championship 2021 – APAC South
  • 1st in ALGS Winter Circuit #4 – APAC South
  • 1st in ALGS Winter Circuit #3 – APAC South
  • 1st in ALGS Winter Circuit #2 – APAC South
  • 1st in ALGS Winter Circuit #1 – APAC South
  • 1st in ALGS Autumn Circuit #4 – APAC South
  • 1st in ALGS Autumn Circuit #2 – APAC South
  • 1st in ALGS Online #6 – Oceania
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