Pengu’s Rainbow Six Siege Settings

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Niclas ‘Pengu’ Mouritzen

  • Streamer & Content Creator
  • DarkZero Esports
  • Denmark
Pengu’s Rainbow Six Siege Settings

Niclas Mouritzen, commonly known as Pengu is a retired professional Rainbow Six Siege player and currently a full-time streamer/content creator. Pengu is considered among the all the all-time greatest in the Rainbow Six history. He was also part of the Penta/G2 roster that went on to make history by winning 2 invitationals in a row and multiple pro leagues and majors. Pengu is currently focusing on his career as a Content Creator. He uploads daily on his youtube channel and streams regularly on Twitch.

Pengu’s Mouse Settings – Logitech G Pro X Superlight

DPIHorizontal/VerticalSens Multiplier
Polling RateADS Hold/ToggleAim Hold/Toggle

Pengu’s Scope Sensitivity – Logitech G Pro X Superlight

Sight Color OpacitySight ColorV-Sync

Pengu’s Fortnite Video Settings

Display – Asus Rog Pg259qn

Windowed ModeResolutionFrame Rate Limit
FOVAspect Ratio
LOD QualityTexture QualityTexture Filtering
MediumMediumAnisotropic 8X
Shadow QualityShading QualityLens Effect
Reflection QualityAmbient OcclusionZoom-In Depth of Field

Pengu’s Gaming Gear

Pengu’s PC Specs

Pengu’s Most Popular Video

Pengu’s Career

Niclas “Pengu” Mouritzen was born on 7 October 1997 in Denmark. Pengu is considered the best Rainbow Six Siege player in the history of Rainbow Six by many players and fans in the community.

Pengu started with playing League of Legends and wanted to approach a career in it and he thought he has the talent to become one of the best but he never actually managed to achieve it and instead he transition over to other games like Battle arena and then eventually to Rainbow Six Siege.

Pengu started his career as a professional Rainbow Six Siege player with PENTA Sports, the squad went on to win Pro League Year 1 Season 1 – Finals – PC but after that, the team wasn’t able to win anything big for almost a year until Pro League Year 2 Season 1 – Finals which PENTA ended up finishing first but that was only the beginning of PENTA dominance and the roster went onto win many big tournaments including many back to back Pro League finals and majors. And also won the Six Invitational 2018.

In August 2018, The PENTA Sports roster was signed by G2 Esports but they continued their dominance and went on to win another big tournament Six Major Paris 2018. But they didn’t there and went on to win Pro League Season 8 – Finals, DreamHack Winter 2018 and finally leading up to Six Invitational 2019 they were the favorites to win and they ended up winning it becoming the first roster to ever win 2 invitationals in a row.

After winning 2 back to back Invitationals team didn’t manage to win anything big they did end up finishing top 3 or 4 at multiple tournaments but that was not enough for the team that dominated siege for more than 2 years and finally after roster change after roster change comes the day when Pengu decided to say goodbye to the Competitive Rainbow Six Siege scene.

In March 2021, Pengu announced his retirement saying that he’ll be leaving G2 Esports Active Rainbow Six Siege Roster and will be focusing on his career as a Content Creator/Streamer from now on.

Best Rainbow Six Siege Tournament Placements:

  • 1st in European League 2020 – Finals
  • 7-8th in Six Invitational 2020
  • 2nd in Six Major Raleigh 2019
  • 1st in Six Invitational 2019
  • 1st in Pro League Season 8 – Finals
  • 1st in Six Major Paris 2018
  • 2nd in Pro League Season 7 – Finals
  • 1st in Six Invitational 2018
  • 1st in Pro League Year 2 Season 2 – Finals
  • 1st in Pro League Year 2 Season 1 – Finals
  • 1st in Pro League Year 1 Season 1 – Finals – PC

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