Valorant is a free-to-play FPS shooter developed by Riot games and currently is among the best fps game and competing neck to neck with Veteran fps games like CS: GO in players count. Valorant also has one of the most developed esports scenes and is among the top most-watched games on Twitch.

Since Valorant has one of the biggest pro scenes there are many players who are looking to get into the pro scene and to help them we have made a list of Valorant pro settings and gears of the Pros like Sinatraa, ShahZaM, Tenz and etc.

This best Valorant settings list will help new players who are looking to get into the pro scene figure out the best gears and settings to help them improve. 

PlayerMouseDPIeDPIPolling RateSensScoped SensMonitorRefresh RateGPUResolutionMousepadKeyboardHeadset
TenZLogitech G Pro X Superlight8003521,0000.441BenQ XL2546360RTX 30901920x1080Artisan FX Zero XSoftXtrfy K4-RGB TKL WhiteXtrfy H1
ShahZaMLogitech G7034002121,0000.531BenQ XL2546240RTX 30901920x1080Logitech G640KBD8X MKII CustomHyperX Cloud II
SicKLogitech G9008001881,0000.2351BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080Logitech G640HyperX Alloy FPS ProHyperX Cloud II
SinatraaLogitech G Pro X Superlight Black8003091,0000.3871OMEN by HP 24.5"240RTX 30801920x1080Logitech G640Logitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardJBL Quantum ONE
zombsLogitech G Pro X Superlight4002161,0000.541BenQ XL2540240RTX 30801280x960Logitech G640Ducky One 2 Mini RGBLogitech G Pro X
daprLogitech G Pro X Superlight4002641,0000.661BenQ XL2546240RTX 30801920x1080Zowie G-SR-SE Tyloo EditionCorsair K70 TKLHyperX Cloud II
ScreaMFinalMouse Ultralight 24003865000.9651Alienware AW2521H360RTX 30801680x1050SteelSeries QcK HeavyHyperX Alloy FPSSennheiser GAME ZERO SE
L1NKZowie EC2-B Divina Edition4001601,0000.41BenQ XL2546240RTX 30801600x900SteelSeries QcK HeavyHyperX Alloy FPSHyperX Cloud II
KRYPTIXVAXEE OUTSET AX4001881,0000.4710.8BenQ XL2540240RTX 30801920x1080Xraypad Aqua Control+Corsair K65Sennheiser GAME ZERO
soulcasLogitech G Pro X Superlight4002091,0000.5240.88Alienware AW2521H360RTX 30801920x1080SteelSeries QcK HeavyKBD67 CustomHyperX Cloud II
NiveraRazer DeathAdder Elite8001385000.1731Alienware AW2521H360RTX 30801920x1080Corsair MM350 Champion SeriesCorsair K70 RGB MK.2Corsair HS80
JamppiVAXEE OUTSET AX8002531,0000.3171.009ASUS ROG XG258Q240RTX 2080 Ti1440x1080Logitech G640 ENCE EditionLogitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X Wireless Headset
WARDELLLogitech G Pro X Superlight8002601,0000.3261.15BenQ XL2546240RTX 30901920x1080Logitech G640Logitech G Pro X KeyboardLogitech G Pro X
SubrozaLogitech G Pro Wireless8002211,0000.2771BenQ XL2540240RTX 30901920x1080Logitech G640Logitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X
reltuCLogitech G Pro X Superlight8002401,0000.31BenQ XL2546240GTX 10801920x1080Logitech G640Logitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X
hazedLogitech G Pro X Superlight8002801,0000.351ASUS ROG Swift PG259QN360GTX 10801920x1080Logitech G640Logitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X
DroneLogitech G Pro X Superlight8002721,0000.341BenQ XL2540240GTX 1080 Ti1920x1080Logitech G640Logitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X
BangLogitech G Pro X Superlight8002481,0000.311ASUS VG248QE144N/A1920x1080Logitech G640Logitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X
HikoFinalMouse Starlight-121,6005761,0000.361Alienware AW2521H360RTX 30901920x1080Razer StriderRazer BlackWidow TEJBL Quantum ONE
nitr0Logitech G Pro X Superlight4003005000.751.04BenQ XL2546K240GTX 1080 Ti1280x1024VAXEE PA ZYGENLogitech G915 TKLJBL Quantum ONE
b0iLogitech G Pro Gaming Mouse8007541,0000.9431BenQ XL2540240N/A1920x1080VAXEE PADucky One 2 RGBHyperX Cloud II
steelLogitech G7038004001,0000.51BenQ XL2546240GTX 10801920x1080HyperX FURY S Pro X-LargeLogitech G915 TKLJBL Quantum ONE
AsunaRazer DeathAdder V21,4004131,0000.2951BenQ XL2546K240RTX 30901920x1080Artisan FX Zero SoftCorsair K-70 RGBHyperX Cloud II
EthanLogitech G Pro Wireless4002801,0000.70.914BenQ XL2540240RTX 2080 Ti1280x1024Razer GigantusRazer BlackWidow LiteHyperX Cloud II
mixwellLogitech G7034002761,0000.691AOC AG251FZ2E240RTX 30801920x1080Logitech G640Logitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X Wireless Headset
pythLogitech G Pro Wireless1,6002161,0000.1351AOC AG251FZ2E240GTX 1080 Ti1920x1080Logitech G640Logitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X
nukkyeLogitech G Pro X Superlight8002801,0000.351AOC AG251FZ2E240RTX 2080 Super1920x1080Logitech G640Logitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X
AvovALogitech G Pro X Superlight8002511,0000.3141BenQ XL2546240RTX 30801920x1080Logitech G640Logitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X Wireless Headset
koldamentaLogitech G Pro X Superlight8002401,0000.31ASUS ROG XG258Q240RTX 20801440x900Logitech G640Logitech G512Logitech G Pro X Headset
keloqzLogitech G Pro X Superlight4001761,0000.441BenQ XL2546K240N/A1920x1080Logitech G640N/ALogitech G Pro X Wireless Headset
ANGE1Zowie ZA124003141,0000.7851BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080Zowie G-SRRazer BlackWidow X Chroma MEHyperX Cloud Revolver
ShaoLogitech G Pro Wireless4002001,0000.51BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Super1920x1080Zowie G-SRHyperX Alloy FPSHyperX Cloud II
ZyppanLogitech G Pro X Superlight4001921,0000.481GTX 1080 Ti1920x1080N/AN/AN/A
ShadoWFinalMouse Ultralight 24001635000.4081BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Super1920x1080SteelSeries QcK+Logitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X
dimasickLogitech G Pro X Superlight4002521,0000.631BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Super1920x1080Logitech G640HyperX Alloy OriginsHyperX Cloud Alpha
mitchZowie EC2-B Divina Edition8002401,0000.31BenQ XL2540240RTX 2080 Super1920x1080HyperX FURY S ProDucky One 2 Mini RGBHyperX Cloud Alpha
PoizLogitech G Pro X Superlight8003601,0000.451BenQ XL2546240N/A1920x1080HyperX FURY S ProN/AN/A
xetaLogitech G Pro X Superlight4002321,0000.580.85BenQ XL2546240N/A1920x1080HyperX FURY S ProHyperX Alloy FPS ProSennheiser GAME ZERO
vanityLogitech G Pro X Superlight8002261,0000.2831.1BenQ XL2546240RTX 20701920x1080Logitech G640HyperX Alloy FPSHyperX Cloud II
floppyLogitech G Pro X Superlight8002761,0000.3451BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Super1920x1080HyperX FURY S ProHyperX Alloy Origins CoreSennheiser GAME ZERO
leafLogitech G Pro X Superlight4002001,0000.51BenQ XL2546240RTX 30801920x1080Logitech G640HyperX Alloy FPS ProSennheiser GAME ZERO
DerkeLogitech G Pro X Superlight4002961,0000.741BenQ XL2540240RTX 2070 Super1920x1080Fnatic DASH XLGK64Fnatic REACT+
MagnumLogitech G Pro Wireless4002001,0000.51.227Samsung C24RG50144RTX 20601280x1024SteelSeries QcK+Fnatic MiniSTREAKLogitech G Pro Gaming Headset
BoasterVAXEE ZYGEN NP-014002081,0000.521BenQ XL2546240RX 6900 XT1920x1080HyperX FURY S ProFnatic MiniSTREAKFnatic REACT
DomaLogitech G Pro X Superlight8002801,0000.350.75BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Super1920x1080Xtrfy GP4Fnatic MiniSTREAKFnatic REACT
MisticVAXEE ZYGEN NP-014002321,0000.580.875BenQ XL2546240N/A1920x1080Zowie G-SRFnatic MiniSTREAKFnatic REACT
ec1sVAXEE ZYGEN NP-018002511,0000.3141BenQ XL2546240RTX 30801920x1080Zowie G-SR-SE Sweden EditionLogitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X
rhymeVAXEE ZYGEN NP-014002001,0000.51BenQ XL2546240RTX 30801280x960Zowie G-SR-SE Deep BlueXtrfy K4-RGB TKLHyperX Cloud II
chiwawaZowie S2 Divina Edition4003561,0000.891BenQ XL2546240GTX 1660 Super1920x1080Zowie G-SRZet Blade ProHyperX Cloud II
HyPXtrfy M4 White8003601,0000.451N/ARTX 2080 Ti1920x1080N/AN/AN/A
CREAZowie EC2-B Divina Edition8002761,0000.3451BenQ XL2546240N/A1920x1080Zowie G-SRCorsair STRAFEHyperX Cloud Alpha
Ex6TenZZowie FK24002761,0000.6911AOC AG251FZ240GTX 1080 Ti1440x1080Logitech G640Logitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro Gaming Headset
BabyJZowie EC2-A4001801,0000.451BenQ XL2546240RTX 30701920x1080N/AN/AHyperX Cloud II
CoreyLogitech G Pro X Superlight8003881,0000.4861OMEN by HP 24.5"240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080Logitech G640Corsair K-70 RGBLogitech G Pro X
ZachaREEEFinalMouse Starlight-128004001,0000.51ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080Zowie G-SR-SEVarmilo VA87MSennheiser G4ME ONE
babybayFinalMouse Air58 Ninja CBR Edition8002161,0000.271BenQ XL2546240RTX 20801920x1080Logitech G640Logitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardHyperX Cloud Alpha
RawkusLogitech G9038003201,0000.41OMEN by HP 24.5"240RTX 20801920x1080ROCCAT TAITORazer BlackWidow Chroma V2Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2
PatitekLogitech G Pro X Superlight4003281,0000.821AOC AG251FZ2E240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080Logitech G640Logitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X
ardiisLogitech G Pro Wireless4002361,0000.591.14AOC AG251FZ2E240RTX 20801920x1080Logitech G640Logitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X
lowelLogitech G Pro X Superlight4002261,0000.5661BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080Zowie G-SR DGLogitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X Wireless Headset
al0ranteLogitech G Pro X Superlight4001401,0000.351BenQ XL2546240N/A1920x1080Logitech G440Logitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X Headset
MONSTEERRLogitech G Pro Wireless8003201,0000.41AOC G2460PF144N/A1920x1080Logitech G640Logitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X Headset
yayLogitech G Pro X Superlight8002161,0000.271BenQ XL2546240RTX 30901920x1080Artisan Hayate OtsuLogitech G915Corsair HS80 Wireless
crashiesLogitech G Pro Wireless8002001,0000.250.875BenQ XL2546144GTX 10801920x1080Zowie G-SR-SECorsair K70 TKLHyperX Cloud II
VictorLogitech G7038002261,0000.2831BenQ XL2546240RTX 20801920x1080Logitech G640Logitech G513Sennheiser GAME ZERO
mummAyLogitech G7034002061,0000.5150.9BenQ XL2546S240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080PureTrak TalentCorsair K95 RGBCorsair Virtuoso
MarvedLogitech G7038002441,0000.3061BenQ XL2540240RTX 20601920x1080Logitech G640SteelSeries Apex Pro TKLApple EarPods
FNSLogitech G Pro X Superlight4002201,0000.551BenQ XL2546240RTX 30901920x1080Zowie G-SR-SECorsair K95Corsair HS80 Wireless
CoffeeSteelSeries Rival 3001,6003841,0000.241BenQ XL2430T144GTX 10601920x1080SteelSeries QcK+ NiP EditionHyperX Alloy FPSHyperX Cloud Revolver S
zeddyZowie FK28002401,0000.31BenQ XL2430T144GTX 10601920x1080Zowie G-SRHyperX Alloy FPS ProHyperX Cloud I
Art1stZowie EC2-A1,6002251,0000.1411BenQ XL2411144GTX 10601920x1080Zowie G-SRHyperX Alloy FPSHyperX Cloud Alpha
SUYGETSULogitech G Pro X Superlight8004401,0000.551BenQ XL2411144GTX 10701920x1080Logitech G640Logitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X
effysLogitech G Pro Wireless4002511,0000.6281BenQ XL2411144N/A1920x1080Logitech G640SteelSeries 6Gv2HyperX Cloud II
zellsisLogitech G Pro X Superlight8002461,0000.3080.9BenQ XL2546240GTX 10801920x1080Zowie G-SR-SEHyperX Alloy Origins CoreSennheiser GAME ZERO
wippieZowie EC18001,2571,0001.5720.948BenQ XL2546K240RTX 2070 Super1024x768Artisan FX Zero XSoftHyperX Alloy OriginsLogitech G Pro X Wireless Headset
pennyLogitech G Pro X Superlight8003261,0000.408N/AN/AHyperX FURYHyperX Alloy EliteHyperX Cloud Earbuds
gtnRazer Viper4002321,0000.581AOC G2460PF144GTX 16501680x1050Razer Gigantus Team Razer EditionRazer BlackWidow Chroma TE V2HyperX Cloud Stinger
frzLogitech G Pro Wireless8002401,0000.31Alienware AW2518Hf240RTX 2070 Super1920x1080HyperX FURY S ProLogitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X
sutecasRazer Viper Ultimate8003201,0000.40.8BenQ XL2546240RTX 20701920x1080Glorious MousepadCorsair K70 RGB MK.2HyperX Cloud Alpha
SaadhakZowie EC1-B8003201,0000.41Alienware AW2518H240RTX 20801920x1080HyperX FURY S ProLogitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardHyperX Cloud II
SacyLogitech G Pro Wireless8003881,0000.4851AOC AG251FZ2E240RTX 20601920x1080SteelSeries QcK HeavyHyperX Alloy EliteHyperX Cloud Alpha S
BraxLogitech G Pro X Superlight4001761,0000.441BenQ XL2546S240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080Razer Goliathus SpeedLogitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardSennheiser GAME ZERO
SkadoodleLogitech G Pro X Superlight4002405000.61BenQ XL2546240RTX 20801920x1080Zowie G-SRLogitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X
SpyderLogitech G Pro Gaming Mouse1,0003391,0000.3391OMEN by HP 24.5"240RTX 20801920x1080Artisan Zero (XL/Soft)Ducky One 2 Mini RGBHyperX Cloud I
autimaticLogitech G Pro X Superlight4002351,0000.5881BenQ XL2546S240RTX 2080 Super1920x1080Artisan FX Zero XSoftHyperX Alloy Origins CoreSteelSeries Arctis 7
curryLogitech G Pro X Superlight8002511,0000.3141BenQ XL2540240RTX 2080 Super1920x1080Artisan FX Zero XSoftDucky One 2 TKL RGBLogitech G Pro X Wireless Headset
HuynhLogitech G Pro Wireless8002511,0000.3141BenQ XL2546240GTX 9701920x1080Zowie G-SRHyperX Alloy FPS RGBLogitech G Pro X
gMdLogitech G Pro Wireless4003201,0000.81N/A0N/A1920x1080SteelSeries QcK HeavyLogitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardHyperX Cloud Flight
MkaeLRazer DeathAdder V2 Pro8002401,0000.31N/AGTX 1080 Ti1920x1080N/ADucky One 2 Mini RGBLogitech G Pro X
ShawnLogitech G3051,2006001,0000.51BenQ XL2411144N/A1920x1080Zowie G-SRRazer Huntsman MiniCorsair VOID
KoostaLogitech G7031,6002255000.1411OMEN X 27240GTX 10801920x1080Razer Gigantus Team Razer EditionHyperX Alloy FPSCorsair VOID
GenghstaRazer Viper Ultimate1,6001841,0000.1151BenQ XL2546240GTX 10801920x1080Zowie G-SRHyperX Alloy FPS ProHyperX Cloud II
ShoT_UPLogitech G502 Proteus Spectrum8502641,0000.3111BenQ XL2411144N/A1920x1080SteelSeries QcK HeavyRazer BlackWidow UltimateHyperX Cloud II
thwifoLogitech G Pro Wireless8002401,0000.30.9Alienware AW2521Hf240RTX 20701600x900SteelSeries QcK+SteelSeries Apex Pro TKLSennheiser G4ME ONE
BcJGlorious Model D-8002961,0000.371ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q240RTX 20801440x1080SteelSeries QcK LargeN/ASennheiser G4ME ONE
starxoLogitech G Pro X Superlight8003841,0000.481ASUS ROG Strix XG248Q240N/AXtrfy GP4Logitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardHyperX Cloud II
ZeekLogitech G Pro X Superlight8003041,0000.380.883BenQ XL2540240RTX 20601280x960Logitech G640Logitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X
cNedZowie ZA128002561,0000.321ASUS ROG Swift PG259QN360RTX 2080 Super1920x1080SteelSeries QcK HeavySteelSeries Apex 5HyperX Cloud II
10XLogitech G Pro Wireless1,6001,1201,0000.71.2BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080Artisan Hayate OtsuLogitech G913 TKLLogitech G Pro X
PeriGlorious Model D4002101,0000.5250.8BenQ XL2540240RTX 2080 Super1920x1080Razer Goliathus ControlDeck Francium LiteN/A
SuggestVAXEE OUTSET AX4002401,0000.61BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Ti1280x960Xraypad Aqua Control+Logitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro Gaming Headset
AllowLogitech G Pro Wireless8001871,0000.2341BenQ XL2546240GTX 10801920x1080SteelSeries QcK HeavyLogitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X Headset
sebXtrfy M4 Blue4001681,0000.420.9BenQ XL2540K240RTX 2080 Super1920x1080Artisan Zero (XL/Soft)SteelSeries Apex Pro TKLSennheiser G4ME ONE
viceLogitech G Pro Wireless8001961,0000.2451BenQ XL2546240GTX 1080 Ti1280x960HyperX FURY S Speed EditionLogitech G915 TKLHyperX Cloud Revolver S
aceuFinalMouse Starlight-12 Zeus (Small)8003761,0000.471BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080Zowie G-SR-SEDucky One TKL WhiteApple EarPods
WeDidLogitech G7031,6002881,0000.181Acer XB240H240RTX 20801920x1080N/ARazer BlackWidow Chroma V2Logitech G432
s0mLogitech G7034003201,0000.80.9BenQ XL2546240GTX 1080 Ti1920x1080SteelSeries QcK LargeRazer Huntsman QEHyperX Cloud II
ANDROIDZowie FK28002801,0000.351BenQ XL2546240RTX 20801920x1080Razer GigantusLogitech G915HyperX Cloud II
texLogitech G Pro X Superlight8003041,0000.38ASUS VG248QE144N/A1920x1080SteelSeries QcK HeavyHyperX Alloy FPSHyperX Cloud II
EthosLogitech G Pro X Superlight4002761,0000.690.69BenQ XL2546240GTX 1080 Ti1920x1080Zowie G-SR-SEDucky MIYA ProN/A
LazvellVAXEE ZYGEN NP-01 Glossy8002841,0000.3550.8BenQ XL2546240GTX 10601920x1080Artisan RaidenFilco Majestouch StingrayShure SE215
crowLogitech G Pro Wireless4001781,0000.4471BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Super1920x1080N/AN/AN/A
ReitaLogitech G Pro Wireless8003521,0000.440.9BenQ XL2546240N/A1920x1080Zowie G-SR-SELogitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X
takejLogitech G Pro Wireless4001731,0000.4340.82BenQ XL2546S240N/A1280x960Logitech G640Logitech G913Logitech G Pro X
gob bLogitech G Pro Wireless8002511,0000.3141BenQ XL2540240GTX 1080 Ti1920x1080Logitech G640Corsair K-70 RGBCorsair VOID Pro White
AslaNZowie EC2-B Divina Edition4002401,0000.61BenQ XL2546240RTX 2070 Super1920x1080Zowie G-SR-SE Divina Blue EditionHyperX Alloy FPS ProHyperX Cloud Flight
UltimateZowie ZA114002801,0000.71BenQ XL2411144N/A1920x1080Zowie G-SRCorsair K-70 RGBHyperX Cloud Flight
davidpLogitech G Pro Wireless4002321,0000.581AOC AG251FZ2E240RTX 20801440x900Logitech G640Logitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardHyperX Cloud II
FitinhoXtrfy M4 Black4002521,0000.631BenQ XL2546240N/A1920x1080Corsair MM350 Champion SeriesXtrfy K2-RGBHyperX Cloud II
MeddoXtrfy M4 Black8001921,0000.241BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Super1920x1080N/AN/ASteelSeries Arctis Pro White
YacineLogitech G Pro Wireless8003201,0000.41BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080QPAD FX-50Xtrfy XG1-R LEDHyperX Cloud Alpha
bonkarRazer Viper8003071,0000.3841ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q240GTX 10801680x1050Xtrfy XTP1 Volcano EditionXtrfy XG1-R LEDHyperX Cloud Alpha
SayfLogitech G4034003201,0000.81BenQ XL2546240GTX 1080 Ti1920x1080Razer Goliathus SpeedHyperX Alloy FPSHyperX Cloud II
thiefZowie EC2-A4002241,0000.561BenQ XL2540240GTX 10801920x1080Zowie G-SRCorsair STRAFEHyperX Cloud II
aprotoRazer DeathAdder V28002401,0000.31BenQ XL2546240N/A1920x1080Razer GoliathusDucky One 2 Mini RGB Pure WhiteHyperX Cloud II
YaBoiDreLogitech G Pro Wireless8002511,0000.3141Alienware AW2518H240GTX 1080 Ti1920x1080HyperX FURY S Speed EditionLogitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardBose QC20
moosePwnage Ultra Custom4002511,0000.6281BenQ XL2546240GTX 10801920x1080Logitech G640CM MasterKeys Pro SHyperX Cloud II
BjorLogitech G Pro Wireless4002321,0000.581Alienware AW2518H240N/A1920x1080Zowie G-SR-SEN/AMassdrop x Sennheiser 6XX
POACHZowie FK1 (Custom)8003041,0000.381Alienware AW2518H240RTX 20801920x1080SteelSeries QcK+SteelSeries Apex Pro TKLBeyerdynamic DT 990 Pro
RedgarRazer Viper Ultimate4003721,0000.931BenQ XL2546K240RTX 30801920x1080Zowie G-SR-SE Deep BlueLogitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X Headset
ChronicleLogitech G Pro X Superlight8002001,0000.251ASUS TUF VG279QM240N/A1920x1080Zowie G-SR-SEAnne PRO 2HyperX Cloud Alpha
d3ffoZowie FK1+B8004381,0000.5481BenQ XL2546240GTX 9701280x960Logitech G640Logitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardHyperX Cloud Alpha
SheydosLogitech G Pro X Superlight4003201,0000.81.2BenQ XL2546K240RTX 2080 Super1280*960VAXEE PALogitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X Headset
nAtsZowie S28003921,0000.491BenQ XL2546K240RTX 2060 Super1280x960Zowie G-SRHyperX Alloy FPS ProHyperX Cloud Alpha S
nicoLogitech G Pro Wireless4001611,0000.4041Alienware AW2518H240RTX 2080 Super1280x1024Glorious 3XLLogitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X Wireless Headset
muriiG-Wolves Hati Black600601,0000.11ASUS ROG Strix XG248Q240RTX 2070 Super1798x1080Glorious 3XLDucky MIYA Pro SakuraLogitech G430
ZikZowie EC1-B4002511,0000.6281BenQ XL2546240N/A1600x1024SteelSeries QcK+CM Storm QuickfireXtrfy H2 Pro
CarcassLogitech G Pro Wireless4002131,0000.5341BenQ XL2540240GTX 10601920x1080SteelSeries QcK HeavyASUS ROG Strix FlareBeyerdynamic DT 770 Pro
LadiffLogitech G Pro X Superlight4003141,0000.7851BenQ XL2411144RTX 2070 Super1440x1080HyperX FURY S Pro SE X-LargeCM MasterKeys Pro LHyperX Cloud Alpha S
SundayLogitech G Pro Wireless4002381,0000.5970.88BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080N/AN/AN/A
ROK3TLogitech G Pro Wireless8002401,0000.31BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080Zowie G-SRLogitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X
AnaksRazer Viper Ultimate4001181,0000.2951.01N/AGTX 1080 Ti1920x1080Zowie G-SRLogitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardN/A
BazziZowie EC2-B1,6002721,0000.170.75Alienware AW2518H240RTX 20801920x1080Logitech G640Logitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardN/A
MoothieZowie S14001701,0000.4250.764BenQ XL2546240RTX 2070 Super1920x1080Artisan Zero (XL/Soft)Filco Majestouch2 TKLN/A
FuzariZowie ZA128005961,0000.7451AOC G2460PF144GTX 1050 Ti1920x1080Redragon Kunlun ControlMotospeed CK104Razer Kraken TE
pANcadaZowie EC2-B4002401,0000.61Alienware AW2518Hf240GTX 10601440x1080Razer GigantusMotospeed CK104 WhiteHyperX Cloud II
qckRazer Viper Ultimate4002961,0000.741BenQ XL2546240RTX 2070 Super1920x1080Esports Tiger NeonHyperX Alloy Origins 60HyperX Cloud II
xandRazer Viper1,6004001,0000.251BenQ XL2540240RTX 2070 Super1280x960Zowie G-SRZowie Celeritas IIHyperX Cloud Alpha
MunchkinLogitech G Pro Wireless8001601,0000.21N/A1440x1080HyperX FURY S ProLeopold FC750RN/A
ZepherLogitech G4034002201,0000.551BenQ XL2540240N/A1920x1080SteelSeries QcK HeavyHyperX Alloy Origins CoreHyperX Cloud II
mwzeraLogitech G Pro Wireless8003521000.441AOC AG251FZ240GTX 10601920x1080GFallen PanteraHyperX Alloy FPS ProGFallen Morcego
C0MLogitech G Pro Wireless8002001,0000.251BenQ XL2546240GTX 10601680x1050Logitech G640Logitech G610HyperX Cloud II
ohaiRazer Orochi V24001881,0000.471Alienware AW2518H240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080SteelSeries QcK HeavyDucky One 2 Mini RGBASTRO A40
DcopLogitech G Pro Wireless8004801,0000.61N/AGTX 10701920x1080Gigabyte Aorus AMP500Logitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardHyperX Cloud II
DXNRazer Viper Ultimate4002481,0000.620.82BenQ XL2546S240N/A1600x900Cooler Master MP510Ducky One 2 Mini RGBSennheiser PC37X
archXtrfy M4 Retro4002321,0000.581BenQ XL2546240GTX 10701920x1080Xtrfy XTP1 f0rest EditionXtrfy K2-RGB White EditionHyperX Cloud Alpha PE
JEROMELogitech MX518 Legendary8003761,0000.4711BenQ XL2546240N/A1280x960SteelSeries QcK+HyperX Alloy FPSHyperX Cloud Earbuds
BuZzZowie S24002281,0000.571BenQ XL2546K240N/A1280x960Xraypad Aqua Control+HyperX Alloy Origins CoreN/A
MaKoZowie EC2-B Divina Edition4001801,0000.451BenQ XL2546K240N/A1920x1080SteelSeries QcK EdgeSteelSeries Apex 7HyperX Cloud Alpha S
staxZowie EC24001721,0000.431BenQ XL2546S240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080SteelSeries QcK HeavyLogitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardSennheiser GAME ZERO
k1NgZowie EC2-B4004001,00010.9BenQ XL2546S240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080Zowie G-SRCorsair K-70 RGBHyperX Cloud II
RbLogitech G Pro X Superlight8002201,0000.2751BenQ XL2546S240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080Zowie G-SRLogitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X
LakiaZowie EC3-C8002661,0000.3331BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Super1920x1080SteelSeries QcK HeavyRazer Huntsman TEHyperX Cloud Alpha
iDexZowie EC2-B8001951,0000.2441BenQ XL2546240N/A1920x1080Zowie G-SR-SEDucky MIYA Pro SakuraHyperX Cloud Alpha
deM0Logitech G Pro Wireless4002491,0000.6240.624BenQ XL2411144GTX 10601920x1080HyperX FURY S ProHyperX Alloy FPSHyperX Cloud Alpha PE
DiMASXtrfy M4 Black8003601,0000.451BenQ XL2411144GTX 16601920x1080Logitech G640N/AN/A
cry0Zowie EC14001881,0000.4711BenQ XL2540240RTX 2070 Super1920x1080Zowie G-SRLogitech G513Sennheiser GSP 500
Re1easeRazer Viper4002401,0000.61Alienware AW2518H240RTX 2070 Super1920x1080SteelSeries QcK+CM Storm QuickfireSony MDR-1000X
ritchZowie FK1-B4001605000.41Alienware AW2518H240GTX 1080 Ti1920x1080SteelSeries QcK HeavyDucky One 2 Mini RGBLogitech G Pro Gaming Headset
HughsyLogitech MX518 Legendary4004481,0001.121Alienware AW2518H240RTX 2070 Super1920x1080Razer Goliathus ControlRazer Huntsman MiniBeyerdynamic DT 990 Pro
fxy0Xtrfy M4 White4003761,0000.9421BenQ XL2546240GTX 10801920x1080SteelSeries QcK HeavySteelSeries Apex Pro TKLHyperX Cloud II
maouXtrfy M4 White8002481,0000.311BenQ XL2540240GTX 10801920x1080Zowie G-SRZowie Celeritas IIHyperX Cloud II
ShanksZowie FK14001801,0000.451BenQ XL2546240RTX 2060 Super1920x1080Zowie G-SRLogitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardHyperX Cloud II
luckerrrxXtrfy M4 Black4003651,0000.9131BenQ XL2546240RTX 20801920x1080Glorious XXLAnne PRO 2Sennheiser HD 599
FearothLogitech G Pro Wireless4002761,0000.691BenQ XL2546240GTX 10601920x1080Zowie G-SRCorsair K-70 RGBHyperX Cloud Alpha
KOLERLogitech G Pro Wireless4003031,0000.7581BenQ XL2546240N/A1920x1080Zowie G-SRCorsair K63 RGBSennheiser GAME ZERO
ZerGLogitech G9038003201,0000.41Alienware AW2518H240GTX 1080 Ti1920x1080N/AAJAZZ AK33N/A
inskyFinalMouse Ultralight 24002341,0000.5851BenQ XL2546