How To Get The Fourth Strand Aspect In Destiny 2 Season of the Witch?

How To Get The Fourth Strand Aspect In Destiny 2 Season of the Witch

With the season of The Witch, Bungie has finally added the much-awaited fourth strand aspect into the game – and boy, oh boy, is it powerful. 

The fourth strand aspect adds a new dimension to the gameplay and unlocks great perks and abilities for all three classes – Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters. 

This aspect will prove instrumental for the upcoming raid and seasonal activities. In this article, I will take you through the step-by-step method of unlocking the fourth strand aspect – Something tells me you should unlock this aspect sooner than later. 

So, without further ado, let’s begin. 

How to Unlock the New Season 22 Strand Aspect?

How to Unlock the New Season 22 Strand Aspect

The fourth strand aspect is unlocked by completing a quest. To pick up the quest, open Neomuna on your map and fast-travel to the Striders’ Gate checkpoint. Interact with Nimbus; he will have a quest for you named Unveiled. 

The quest is quite simple, and it is split between two equally easy parts. To start the quest, open the quest tab on your character and directly launch the mission. 

The quest begins by killing a few adds, and then Guardians fight their way to a high-tech room containing data servers. The task is to decrypt the data and buy enough time for your Ghost to finish scanning the archives. This part of the quest should not take more than 15 minutes and can be done with relative ease. 

After completing the first part of the quest, open the map and fast-travel to the Hall of Heroes checkpoint. To the left side of the spawn point is The Pouka Pond; interact with it, and you will unlock the fourth strand aspect. 

Once the Unveiled Quest is successfully completed, it unlocks the fourth strand aspect for all the characters on your account. 

What Does the Fourth Strand Aspect Do?

The fourth strand aspect gives unique abilities to Titan, Warlocks, and Hunters. Here’s a complete rundown of what the fourth strand aspect does for each class. 


Banner of War

The Titan’s fourth strand aspect is called the Banner of War, and it has two fragment slots. Equipping the Banner of War aspect bestows Titan increased melee and sword damage. During the duration when this aspect is active, all nearby allies, including the Titan player, get periodical healing. 

To trigger the Banner of War aspect, you will need to get kills via melee or sword. The Banner of War aspect can stack with a four times (4x) multiplier.

At each increasing multiplier, the healing ability drastically increases. The damage also increases, and at a four times (4x) multiplier, Guardians can dish a lot of damage, easily killing champions. 

Players need to perform a melee or sword kill to proc the aspect. However, after the effect is proced, the aspect applies to damage buff from other weapons and abilities. The duration of this aspect is 15 seconds, which can be increased by getting consecutive sword or melee kills. 

The Banner of War aspect is best used with Monte Carlo because each kill with the weapon replenishes the melee cooldown. Each kill with the Berserk super also counts as a melee kill. When used effectively, Berserker super and the Banner of War aspect makes for a lethal combo, especially for clearing hordes of enemies in the Altars of Summoning seasonal activity. 



The fourth strand aspect of the Warlock class is called the Weavewalk. Using this aspect makes the Warlock immune to damage. With the aspect active, your character will not trigger combat when walking into a room full of enemies, which is another perk of this aspect. 

The Weavewalk aspect can be triggered mid-air by pressing the ALT key. Triggering this aspect consumes melee energy, so players must be vigilant when to use this aspect. 

The Warlock Weavewalk aspect also works great with the Monte Carlo auto rifle because having melee energy available nearly at all times means players can trigger this aspect more. 


Whirling Maelstrom

The Hunter class gets the Whirling Maelstrom aspect as the fourth strand aspect. This aspect is triggered when the Tangle is destroyed by an enemy or friendly fire. After getting destroyed, the Tangle into a whirling ball that seeks out targets and dishes out enormous damage. 

The Whirling Maelstrom aspect is great for locking down an entire area, section, or spawn point of the map. To get the most out of the Whirling Maelstrom aspect, players need to synthesize their Hunter build around spawning the maximum number of Tangles.

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Banner of War, Weavewalk, and Whirling Maelstrom are very powerful aspects that grant huge perks to the Guardians. They are likely to be used in a wide array of different applications, including the upcoming raid in the season of The Witch.

Something tells me we will see a lot more Titan, Warlock, and Hunter builds centered around Banner of War, Weavewalk, and Whirling Maelstrom, respectively. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out in the comment section, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. That being said, I am signing off, and will be back with another interesting Destiny 2 guide.  

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