All Destiny 2 DLC Expansions List in Order

All Destiny 2 DLC Expansions List in Order

With the story of Destiny 2 at the most crucial phase in the series, there is no better time to explore all Destiny 2 DLCs the game has to offer and get familiar with the lore. 

If you are you are a new or returning player; in this article, you will get to know the correct order of playing Destiny 2 DLCs. 

Even if you are a day one player like me and can’t get the order of DLCs correct because the damn DLC with the death of Cayde 6 just feels like yesterday, don’t fret; this article has got you covered. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into Destiny 2 DLC list in the correct order. 

Destiny 2 DLC List in Order

A total of 8 DLCs have been released so far for Destiny 2, with one DLC expected to be released in 2024. The following is the correct chronological order of all Destiny 2 DLCs. 

  1. Curse of Osiris (2017)
  2. Warmind (2018)
  3. Forsaken (2018)
  4. Shadowkeep (2019)
  5. Beyond Light (2020)
  6. Destiny 2: Bungie 30th Anniversary Event (2021)
  7. The Witch Queen (2022)
  8. Lightfall (2023)
  9. The Final Shape (2024)

Curse of Osiris (2017)

Curse of Osiris

To spice up the vanilla game, add new content, and further enhance the story of the Vex, Bungie released the first DLC for Destiny 2 – the curse of Osiris. 

The curse of Osiris opened up new horizons and introduced guardians to mercury. Once home to a thriving research community, mercury was crippled by the invasion of Vex and is now known as the decaying planet. 

Guardians embark on a journey through the infinite forest in a bid to trace the legendary warlock Osiris and potentially rescue him back to the Tower at the request of Ikora Rey. 

Apart from the intriguing storyline, interesting missions, and a mysterious new area to explore, the Curse of Osiris also introduced many other changes. 

The power cap was increased to 330, and new loot was added to the game; now, who doesn’t love loot, eh? The PVP segment of Destiny 2 also got a boost. New maps were introduced for the crucible playlist, which offered a more dynamic landscape than the current maps. 

All in all, the Curse of Osiris DLC expansion revitalized and rejuvenated the stale launch content of Destiny 2. That being said, the Curse of Osiris expansion is not playable anymore after being vaulted in early 2020, just prior to the start of Year 4. 

The content vault is a development model employed by Bungie to remove old content from the game in order to make room for new content and create better experiences for the guardians. 

Warmind ( 2018)


The Warmind DLC takes place on Mars and introduces the guardians to Rasputin, Clovis Bray Research Facility, and Anay Bray.

The story unfolds after the Hive invaded the planet and compromised Rasputin, activating the self-defense protocols. Hellbent on destroying the planet, Guardians must stop Rasputin from bringing doom to humanity. 

Meanwhile, Guardians are also tasked with eliminating the Hive from the Clovis Bray facility. In this quest, the Guardians partner up with Anay Bray, the daughter of Clovis Bray – the creator of Rasputin.  

Along with the intriguing campaign, Warmind DLC features some of the best cutscenes created by Bungie, especially the Guardian’s interaction with Rasputin. 

Warmind DLC also acquainted players with a diverse and challenging raid called the Spire of Stars. 

This DLC came with the usual quality-of-life changes, such as an enhanced power cap, new maps, missions, public events, and more. 

And, of course, there was more loot for the guardians as well. The Warmind DLC introduced not only introduced new exotic content but seasonal specific items were also added into the game.  

The Warmind DLC is not accessible for Guardians anymore. Starting in Year 4, it has been placed in the content vault. However, the loot tied to this DLC can still be acquired by other means. 

Forsaken (2018) 


The Forsaken DLC follows the story of every Guardian’s most annoying hero – Cayde 6. The story begins after Cayde 6 is brutally killed by Uldren Sov. The story entails the Guardians making a vow to avenge the death of Cayde 6 by putting Uldren Sov to justice.

As the guardians wrestle through the tangled shore and the dreaming city, new playable areas of the expansion, the Guardians uncover the real truth behind the ordeal and the involvement of Savathûn – a Hive God and the sister of Oryx – The Taken King. 

The Guardians are successful in stopping Savathûn and restoring the traveler’s light. However, the work is not yet done. To defeat Savathûn once and for all, Guardians take the fight to Savathûn’s throne world.

In this part of the story, we are able to witness an iconic cutscene in the Destiny franchise: Savathûn posing as Uldren’s dead sister Mara and corrupting his mind. 

The Guardians manage to neutralize the threat completely and, at the end of the campaign, put a bullet through Uldren as well in order to avenge the death of Cayde. 

Forsaken DLC allows Guardians to retrieve Cayde 6’s legendary exotic hand cannon – the Ace of Spades. A total of twelve other exotics weapons, besides the Ace of Spades, were also added to the game. 

Forsaken also came with a power cap increase, a new raid, crucible maps, a brand new multiplayer mode called Gambit, and many other changes. 

Forsaken is currently vaulted by Bungie, making the DLC’s contents and location of the DLC not accessible anymore. Guardians can still acquire exotic weapons and gear through other playable content of the game. 

Shadowkeep (2019)


The Shadowkeep DLC takes Guardians back to the Moon; not your typical light-hearted version of the moon, but a grim and wretched part of it. 

The campaign starts strong with Guardians meeting the mysterious Eris Morn and surveying distress signals. However, it soon takes a turn as Guardian wrestles with his own demons.

However, just as the tension mounts, the campaign comes to a screeching halt. “That’s it” is the best you can muster as you return to Eris Morn one last time. The campaign may be short and the ending lackluster; however, the raid will surely make up for the lost content. 

The Garden of Salvation raid has Guardians fighting, scouring the plains of the Black Forest, and defeating multiple tough bosses. The raid is complex at times but ultimately enjoyable and rewarding. 

Shadowkeep overhauled the very mechanism of how the game operated and made it more RPG-like—giving importance to class building, stats, and customization. This change allowed more build diversification in the game. 

All of the content from Shadowkeep DLC is still accessible, and guardians can embark on this mystic journey of the moon by purchasing Shadowkeep DLC. Along with Shadowkeep DLC, Bungie also released the free-to-play version of Destiny 2 called Destiny 2: New Light. 

Beyond Light (2020)

Beyond Light

The Destiny 2 Beyond Light DLC reset the landscape of Destiny 2 entirely. The concept of Destiny Content Vault (DCV) was first established during this DLC, and all early game DLCs till Forsaken were placed in the vault and no longer accessible. 

Besides this drastic change, Beyond Light introduced the guardians to Europa – an ice-laden moon of Jupiter. The visual intrigue and presentation of Europa are drastically better than other playable areas Bungie had added to the game. 

Guardians explore the occurrence of the Pyramid, meet up with the exo-stranger, and battle the darkness-wielding fallen leader, all in a bid to unlock the potential of darkness and wield its power known as stasis.  

The Beyond Light expansion also adds more of the things that guardians love: new weapons and gear, exotic quests, a new raid, and more enemies to kill. 

The Beyond Light DLC introduces guardians to the power of darkness and sets the foundation for change. Sometimes tells me Bungie is just getting started, and in the future, there is going to be more interplay between light and dark. Beyond Light is accessible to players and can be purchased on Steam. 

Destiny 2: Bungie 30th Anniversary Event (2021)

Destiny 2: Bungie 30th Anniversary Event

December 2021 marked the momentous occasion of the completion of Bungie’s 30-year in business, and it meant all guardians celebrated along with the talented dev team over at the studio. 

The 30th Anniversary Event graced Destiny 2 on December 7 and added a new dungeon to explore, Grasp of Avarice. 

Set in Cosmodrome of the original Destiny 1, this new dungeon will surely ignite the old memories of guardians that have been along the ride since Destiny 1 and set new fond memories for the guardians that have gotten just involved in the franchise. 

Returning with the 30th Anniversary Event is the Gjallarhorn, an iconic exotic Rocket Launcher. 

To unlock Gjallarhorn, Prickly Thorn armor set, iconic weapons from Destiny 1, ornaments, and some exotic sparrows, ships, and emblems, Guardians will need to unlock the paid version of this DLC. 

Don’t worry; there is plenty of free stuff to enjoy, including a new six-player activity and new weapons. 

Bungie has confirmed that the contents of the 30th Anniversary Event won’t be placed in the content vault anytime soon, making it accessible to players as free downloadable content. 

The Witch Queen (2022)

The Witch Queen

The Witch Queen DLC has guardians dealing with a similar foe: Savathûn’s Hive. However, this time they are stronger than ever. Before getting annihilated at the hands of the Guardians, Savathûn has given the Hive power of light. 

The Hive, like the Guardians, also possess the power of light: the traveler’s betrayal, I must say. 

The campaign of Witch Queen, unlike other expansions for Destiny 2, has excellent pacing, well-written characters, and perhaps one of the best sequences Bungie has ever put forward, making the campaign extremely memorable. 

The most impressive part of Witch Queen is the change in how the combat works. The light-wielding Hive have diverse combat, making killing them much more difficult to kill. 

For the first time ever, Guardians can now set the difficulty of the story missions between standard or legendary, the latter being my preferred choice for the campaign as it makes every story mission more dynamic.  

Besides the changes to the combat and the thrilling campaign, the Witch Queen DLC comes with an array of new weapons, gear, maps, and all of that jazz you expect from a Destiny 2 campaign. 

The Witch Queen DLC and its content is accessible in-game and can be purchased through Steam. 

Lightfall (2023)


The Lightfall DLC is the latest currently released expansion pack for Destiny 2, and it offers guardians a compelling new narrative to explore. 

Set at Neunoma, a Neptunian city, the guardians explore the arrival of the traveler’s lifelong enemy – The Witness. 

The campaign’s primary purpose is the uncover the motives behind the arrival of The Witness and assess what kind of threats humanity is facing from his arrival. 

After arriving on Neunoma, Guardians find the city to be occupied by Calus and his shadow legion. Guardians must eliminate Calus to continue their search for The Witness.

At the end of the campaign, Guardians are greeted with an awe-inspiring and mind-boggling cutscene. I won’t spoil the ending cutscene, so let’s just say the Witness interaction with the Traveller will go down as the most iconic cutscene in Destiny’s universe. 

The raid of Lightfall DLC, Root of Nightmares, has guardians wearing into the depths of a pyramid ship and facing old foes lurking in the darkness. 

With Lightfall DLC, Bungie also introduced a new subclass to the game: Strand. After stasis, Strand is the second darkness-inspired subclass in the game and comes with many unique perks. 

Destiny 2: Lightfall is a paid DLC that is available to download from Steam. 

The Final Shape (2024)

The Final Shape

The Final Shape DLC is the next DLC and the final chapter in Destiny’s Light and Darkness saga. This DLC follows the story of the Witness and is eluded disappearance into the traveler. 

Guardians must venture into the traveler and confront The Witness before his final act. The key to defeating The Witness lies in the hand of Savathun – the witch queen. In the buildup to The Final Shape DLC, Guardians must help Immaru – Savathun’s ghost in resurrecting the witch queen. 

Three new supers abilities are expected to be released with The Final Shape DLC (Void for Titan, Solar for Warlock, and Arc for Hunter). Returning in this DLC are some iconic weapons from Destiny 1. 

Bungie is also set to add a new weapon class into the game – Support Frame Auto Rifles. Apart from being a nuisance to the enemies, Support Frame Auto Rifles can also heal allies by pressing the alternate mouse key. 

The Final Shape DLC will finally provide the answer to the rivalry between light and darkness and its delicate balance in the universe. The Final Shape DLC is shaping up to be a great DLC, and I am stoked to see what Bungie has in store for us. 

This DLC is set to release on February 27th, 2024, and is available to pre-order on PC and console.

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DLCs have helped shape the course of Destiny 2 and allowed Bungie to build a compelling narrative and expand the game’s horizons. 

To fully understand the world of Destiny 2, the guardians need to play all the DLCs in the correct order, and I hope the above list will be helpful in that regard. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us in the comments below. Before signing off, let me know what your favorite DLC is and why. 

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