Destiny 2 Witch’s Key: [How To Get & Farm]

Destiny 2 Witch's Key: [How To Get & Farm]

Destiny 2 season of The Witch is here, bringing new and exciting seasonal activities and gear to unlock. To spill more rewards from the seasonal loot chest, guardians will need to get the Witch’s Key. 

The Witch’s Key is paramount in acquiring seasonal weapons and armor faster because once unlocked, a Witch’s Key guarantees more rewards upon completing seasonal activities. 

If you want to unlock seasonal gear faster and get ready for the upcoming Nightfall: Ordeal, you will need a lot of Witch’s Key, and by that I really mean a butt load of them. 

This article will talk about the methods of acquiring Destiny 2 Witch’s Key. So, without further ado, let’s begin. 

What Is Destiny 2 Witch’s Key?

The Witch’s Key is a new seasonal currency token introduced with the season of The Witch in Destiny 2. Acquiring a Witch’s Key guarantees the Guardian more rewards when opening the seasonal loot chest after completing either “Altars of Summoning” or “Savathun’s Spire.” 

Can I Unlock Seasonal Gear and Weapons Without Having Witch’s Key?

Guardians can unlock seasonal gear and weapons without having Witch’s Key, but the process is much slower and time-consuming. Without the Witch’s Key, Guardians get the standard number of rewards by completing seasonal activities.

At this pace, acquiring the armor sets and weapons the new season of The Witch has to offer will take an eternity, and Guardians are most likely to miss end-game activities of the season, such as the day one raid race. 

How to Get and Farm Witch’s Key?

How to Get and Farm Witch’s Key?

According to Bungie, “The Witch’s Key can be acquired by completing any activity within the system.” While this is a vague statement, we know that Witch’s Key is not bound to only seasonal activities of the game and can be acquired by completing non-seasonal activities such as the core playlist, Dungeons, etc. 

That being said, there are some activities that have a higher chance of dropping a Witch’s Key, those being. 

  • Completing Seasonal activities; “Altars of Summoning” and “Savathun’s Spire”
  • Completing End-game activities: Raids, Nightfall: Ordeal, Dungeons 
  • Leveling up the seasonal vendor: Ritual Table 
  • Leveling up the season pass
  • Acquiring minor Opaque Cards 

Completing Season Activities

Completing seasonal activities has a higher chance of dropping a Witch’s Key than the core playlist of the game. To increase the chance further, Guardians can pick up weekly bounties and Opaque cards from the Ritual Table to simultaneously level up the Ritual Table while also completing the seasonal activity. Basically, you’re killing two birds with one stone, and since both endeavors can drop a Witch’s Key, the probability of getting one increases drastically. 

Completing End-Game Activities 

Bungie rewards Guardians for completing the more challenging activities in the game, and what is more challenging than a Raid, Nightfall: Ordeal, or a Dungeon. Therefore, the chance of getting a Witch’s Key by completing an end-game activity is quite high. Guardians can increase these odds by completing the end-game activities on Master difficulty. 

Leveling up the Ritual Table 

Guardians are rewarded a Witch’s Key for leveling up the Ritual Table. This reward actualizes when the Guardians rank up the Ritual Table to Level 4. 

Leveling up the Season Pass 

Seasonal pass contains Witch’s Key rewards at levels 2, 12, and 52. Level up the season pass to unlock Witch’s Key at these reward levels. 

Acquiring Opaque Cards

Opaque cards, when used in the Lectern of Divination, actualize into minor and major rewards. Minor Opaque cards can drop a Witch’s Key, so make sure to visit the Lectern of Divination and don’t pass out on this opportunity. 

Bonus Farm Method: DUL INCARU 

The easiest and quickest way of acquiring Witch’s Key is farming Dul Incaru, the boss fight of The Scattered Throne dungeon. If you have completed this dungeon, you can directly access the boss fight checkpoint using D2Checkpoint Bot. To learn more about D2Checkpoint Bot, check out our article on how to use D2 Checkpoint Bot. 

Once you directly fast travel to the boss fight checkpoint, defeating Dul Incaru takes hardly 15 minutes for a properly kitted fireteam. You can repeatedly farm this method until you have the desired number of Witch’s Key you want.

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The Witch’s Key season currency token is instrumental in leveling up your Guardian faster and acquiring seasonal weapons and gear. 

If you are focused on just acquiring Witch’s Key, use The Scattered Throne farming method, and in a short time, you will get a lot of keys. 

However, if you want to explore what this season has to offer, forget about the Witch’s Key. Focus on completing the seasonal activities and level up the Ritaul Table.

Bungie is being quite generous this season, and the initial drop rate of Witch’s Key seems to be higher than previous seasonal keys. So, take your sweet time, enjoy the season, and before you know it, you have a ton of Witch’s Keys in your inventory. 

If you have any other method of farming Witch’s Keys, drop it in the comment section so everyone can learn something new. This was all from my side, and I will be back with another interesting Destiny 2 topic. 

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