Destiny 2 Lucent Blessing Buff: How to Use Hive Symbols in Altars of Summoning?

Destiny 2 Lucent Blessing Buff: How to Use Hive Symbols in Altars of Summoning

If you are into the Hive lore, you would know they like to play it dirty! In the season of the Witch of Destiny 2, Bungie has brought Hive and their bewildering magic to the forefront of the game. 

The Altars of the Summoning is the new seasonal activity in the game that is riffled with Hive magic, and that means decoding some nasty Hive puzzles. 

Upon entering the Altar, Guardians are presented with bizarre Hive symbols. Guess them correctly, and your fireteam will be granted the Lucent Blessing Buff for the duration of the activity.

In this article, you will get to know how to use the Hive symbols in Altars of Summoning and some tips and tricks you can follow during this encounter. 

So, without further ado, let’s begin. 

What Is Altars of Summoning?

What Is Altars of Summoning

Altars of Summoning is the new three-player activity in the season of the Witch in Destiny 2. To beat Xivu Arath – Savathun’s Sister and a Hive God, Eris Morn must get stronger. 

Eris Morn, after becoming a Hive God, has made the Guardian its discipline. Now it is up to the Guardian to eliminate Hive and channel the powerful offering to Eris Morn. 

In this seasonal activity, you must face hordes of Hive enemies in three arenas: Altar of Flesh, The Altar of Feracity, and The Altar of Devotion. 

To start the encounter, a member of the fire team must present a blessing. There are three blessings to choose from: feeble, robust, and powerful offering, in increasing order of difficulty respectively. The higher the difficulty, the better loot you will get upon completing the Altars of Summoning. 

The Altars of Summoning is a great activity for acquiring seasonal loot, including weapons and armor. 

To sink your teeth into the Altars of Summoning, you must complete the introductory seasonal quest and be at a light level of 1760 or higher. 

How to Use Hive Symbols in Altars of Summoning to Get Lucent Blessing Buff?

Upon entering the Altars of Summoning activity, you will see a lake with bizarre and mysterious Hive symbols. You can skip past this section; however, I won’t recommend doing so.

Hive Symbols in Altars of Summoning

Completing this puzzle will grant you the Lucent Blessing Buff, which applies to all members of the fire team for the complete duration of the activity. 

Once active, the Lucent Blessing Buff will give the Guardians extra special and heavy ammo. It also grants Guardians faster super and special ability regeneration, which can come in very handy when surrounded by hordes of Hive enemies.

Completing the Hive symbol puzzle is quite simple. You need to identify the symbol that appears three times. Each member of the fire team will stand under the symbol, and collectively the fire team all will begin the ritual granting you the Lucent Blessing Buff. 

You can only complete this puzzle at the start of the Altars of Summoning activity. Once you enter any Altar, you cannot go back and interact with the Hive symbols.

Useful Tips to Complete the Altars of Summoning

The Altars of Summoning may seem like a pretty straightforward activity set in a confined arena, but completing it can get quite challenging. Here are some tips for steamrolling through this activity. 

Use the buff from your Major Arcana card 

In the season of the Witch of Destiny 2, Bungie introduced the Deck of Whispers, which contains major and minor Arcana cards. 

The major Arcana cards grant Guardians with perks and buffs at the start of a seasonal activity. They act like modifiers granted by a cool deck-building exercise. 

Guardians activate five major Arcana cards at the Ritual Table. At the start of a seasonal activity, a Major Arcana card is drawn at random. 

Vex: Prevailing Mind Bosses 

When facing the ternary mind encounter, Guardians will need to take down three Minotaurs with large health pools. These Minotaurs can become immune during the fight, which can be annoying. 

To prevent that from happening, you will need to eliminate the Hobgoblins that spawn and offer sacrifice. If you are successful in doing so, you can pepper the Minotuars with your weapons without any immunity. 

Lucent Hive: Arc Crystals and El Haaruz, Retainer of Savathun boss 

In this encounter, you will need to complete the main Hive wizard at the center of the Arena. However, the wizard at the center will be immune. Along with the main wizard, two other wizards will spawn at each side, along with a corresponding crystal. 

Melee the charged crystal granting Crystalline Charge buff. With this buff active, melee the uncharged crystal near any corresponding wizard to remove the shield. Now you can deal damage and kill the wizard. You will need to repeat this process for the wizard on the other side as well. 

Once you have killed both the wizards that spawn at the side, the shield of the main wizard at the center of the arena will be broken. You can proceed to inflict damage and eliminate the wizard to complete the encounter.

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The Altars of Summoning is a fun take on an arena-style game mode, and Bungie has made this activity fun and rewarding, but at a cost. This new seasonal activity can get quite challenging if you are completing it by presenting a powerful offering. 

Lucent Blessing perk is instrumental in making the Altars of Summoning easier, and to grant this perk, you will need to solve the Hive symbol puzzle. 

Now at the end of the article, I hope you have learned how to use Hive Symbols in Altars of Summoning. If you have any questions regarding the symbols or the Altars of Summoning activity, feel free to leave them in the comment section. 

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