All Destiny 2 Season of the Witch Weapons & the Best Ones to Use

All Destiny 2 Season of the Witch Weapons & the Best Ones to Get

The one thing that many Guardians wait for – more than a bug-free launch- is new weapons whenever a new Destiny 2 season rolls around. 

In the Season of the Witch, Bungie has added eight new weapons to the game. All these weapons are extremely powerful and shaping up to shift the game’s meta. 

The new weapons are extremely potent and some of the best-looking seasonal guns Bungie has released so far in the game. 

There’s a lot more to the new season of the Witch weapons than meets the eye. This article will provide you with a complete detailed breakdown of all new seasonal weapons, and at the end of the article, we will rank these weapons. 

So, if you want to gain an advantage in PVE and want to dominate the crucible, you should know more about the new seasonal weapons. 

So, without further ado, let’s begin. 

Destiny 2 Season of the Witch Weapons 

The Destiny 2 season of the Witch came with many exciting new exotics, seasonal weapons, memorable vanguard weapons from the game’s early years, and many more. Here are all the new seasonal weapons you need to farm right now. 


There are a total of three new exotics in the season of the Witch, two of which can be farmed in the game, and the other is a reward for pre-ordering The Final Shape DLC. 

1. Ex Diris

Ex Diris

The Ex Diris is the reward for pre-ordering The Final Shape DLC. It is an Arc grenade launcher that fires projectiles that detonate on impact.

With the Ex Diris, you never have to reload because this grenade launcher uses reserve ammo, allowing Guardians to fire multiple projectiles without having to reload in the heat of the moment. 

The Ex Diris comes with enraged perk, which increases the weapon’s fire rate, leading to an ultimate sense of chaos.

2. Tessellation


Tessellation is a Kinetic Fusion Rifle that occupies the special slot on the Guardian’s weapon kit. 

Tessellation was initially the pre-order bonus for Lightfall DLC, but now it has been added to the exotic weapon light pool for the Season of the Witch. It is a hard-hitting Kinetic Fusion Rifle but only viable for PVE content. 

3. Necrochasm


The Crota’s End raid is back, which means Guardians can again get their hands on the Necrochasm exotic auto rifle. 

The Necrochasm is the coolest-looking auto rifle in the game – the darn thing loosely resembles the shape of the pyramid. 

The Necrochasm is not only gorgeous to look at but is also lethal in combat. With a fire rate of 720 RPM, this auto rifle shreds enemies in PVE and PVP. It also has considerable damage, considering it is a high-fire-rate auto rifle. 

Seasonal Weapons

1. Brya’s Love

Brya’s Love

Brya’s Love is a precision frame void scout rifle. Scout rifles are slow-firing rifles with better range than other rifle types. Therefore, allowing you to engage with enemies at a long distance. These rifles are invaluable for end-game content, especially boss fights. 

Brya’s Love is a void weapon that brings a lot of exciting perks, making it a fierce competitor to the already available scout rifles. This gun can be used with a lot of different playstyles. I

In the left column, Brya’s Love gets the Rapid Hit, Perpetual Motion, and Shoot to Loot perks. The Shoot to Loot perk has recently got a buff, allowing it to pick up orbs of power as well, making the gun extremely strong in PVE scenarios. 

In the right column, we have Destabilizing Rounds for void builds, Golden Tricorn for high damage, Frenzy, and Explosive Payload for general play.

2. The Eremite

The Eremite

The Eremite is a high-impact frame Fusion Rifle and has a Solar affinity. High-impact frames are potent in both PvE and PvP but are not very popular. 

High-impact frame fusion rifles carry a lot of damage and can easily kill a player in The Crucible. However, they come at the cost of higher charge time, which can leave the Guardian exposed to enemy fire. This particular gun has a charge time of 960ms. 

In PvE, high-impact frames are overshadowed by Rapid-Fire frames. The Eremite, however, brings some exciting handing and range perks for both The Crucible and PvE that make this gun highly effective. 

In the left column, Guardian can craft this gun with Slickdraw, Envious Assassin, Offhand Strike, Heal Clip, Compulsive Reloader, and Pulse Scan. 

In the right column, the Eremite contains Elemental Capacitor, Controlled Burst, High Ground, Pugilist, Golden Tricorn, and Ressorvior Burst. 

With the right combination of perks, a god-roll Eremite can be lethal in both PVE and PVP scenarios. 

3. Kept Confidence

Kept Confidence

Kept Confidence is the first ever adaptive frame Hand Cannon that has Strand affinity. Adaptive frame Hand Cannons are the most popular hand cannon archetype for both PvE and The Crucible because of their well-rounded attributes. 

Kept Confidence is no different. This Hand Cannon comes with a fire rate of 140 rpm and contains a 10-bullet magazine. The strong combination of perks perfectly compliments the strong basic attributes of this Hand cannon. 

In the left column, this Hand Cannon can be rolled with Quickdraw, Invisible Hand, Shot Swap, Air Assult, Killing Wind, Loose Change, and Stats for All. 

In the right column, this gun has Eye of the Storm, Thresh, Harmony, Pugilist, Gutshot Straight, Collective Action, and Multikill Clip.

When rolled with Quickdraw in the left column and Multikill in the right column, this Hand Cannon can be deadly in PVP combat. For PVE, Guardians can use a range of perks to make this gun more effective. 

4. Locus Locutus

Locus Locutus

Locus Locutus is an adaptive frame Stasis Sniper Rifle that comes with the fan-favorite zoom of 40 and some exciting perks. Snipers are not popular in PvE but are extremely potent in the Crucible, and Locus Locutus has a lot of potential. 

A Sniper Rifle greatly depends on the player and how much the person enjoys using it, and Locus Locutus feels extremely satisfying to use.

For PvE, in the left column, you have Overflow, Discord, and Wellspring, whereas in the right column, you have damage perks like Box Breathing and Firing Line. For The Crucible, you have the amazing perk combination of Keep Away and Opening Shot.

5. Semiotician


Semiotician is a strand Rocket Launcher that belongs to the High-Impact frame. Rocket Launchers are a top-tier DPS option in the current meta, and High-Impact frames are the most powerful Rocket Launchers subfamily.

Semiotician, just like Eleatic Principle, suffers from not having good perk combinations. In the left column, Impulse Amplifier and Field Prep are the only viable perk options; meanwhile, in the right column, we have Explosive Light, newly buffed Bipod, and Frenzy. 

These perk combinations are decent, but there are so many other Rocket Launchers that straight-up have better perk combinations, making Semiotician underwhelming.

6. Eleatic Principle

Eleatic Principle

The Eleatic Principle is an Arc Machine Gun that belongs to the rapid-fire frame subfamily of Machine Guns. 

Though Machine Guns are really powerful in the PvE sandbox, Eleatic Principle suffers from being rapid-fire and having no good perk combinations. There are so many good Machine Guns right now in Destiny 2, and Eleatic Principle does not bring anything new to the table.

In the left column, you have perk options of Eddy Current, Heating Up, Well-Rounded, Offhand Strike, Moving Target, Ensemble, and Zen Moment, none of which are good options for PvE. 

In the right column, Target Lock and Golden Tricorn are decent options, but the left column has no perk option to complement these perks.

Ritual Weapon

1. Malediction


This season’s ritual weapon is Malediction, a Kinetic 120 RPM Hand Cannon of Cassoid design. This weapon’s notable feature is its unique origin trait: Wild Card. 

Kills with this weapon have a chance to create experimental submunitions at the target’s location. As for perks, this weapon has a static roll that does not change. 

This first trait column includes Discord and Enlightened Action, a new perk that improves reload speed and handling by dealing damage. The final trait column can use either Harmony or Explosive Payload. 

Harmony and Discord is a solid pairing in The Crucible, allowing this weapon to two-tap Guardians at or under T5 Resilience. 

For PvE, Enlightened Action and Explosive Payload is a decent workhorse for seasonal and ritual activities, although it won’t hold a candle to most meta Primary and Special weapons in GM Nightfalls or Master raids.

Vanguard Weapons from First Year of Destiny 

Bungie has brought back Vanguard weapons from Year 1 of Destiny 2. These weapons were made in our beloved tower by the master crafter Nadir. 

As such, these weapons all roll with the Nadir Focus origin trait, granting them increased accuracy and range the longer you fire the weapon. 

The Nadir Repository weapons can be obtained by focusing the Red War Engram at the Rite of Culling vendor, which is located in the southern wing of the H.E.L.M. 

1. Deadpan Delivery

Deadpan Delivery

Deadpan Delivery is a shotgun with a fire rate of 55 RPM. It belongs to the Arc subclass and is quite effective in PVP scenarios.      

2. Nightshade


Nightshade is a pulse rifle that can dish out bullets at 450 RPM. It belongs to the Strand subclass and is lethal when fighting hordes of enemies.

3. Persuader


Persuader is a sniper rifle with a quite high fire rate of 140 RPM. It occupies the special slot and belongs to the Void subclass. The damage of this sniper rifle is quite mediocre, and there are better options out there. 

4. Showrunner


The showrunner is a high-fire-rate SMG that pushes out bullets at a rapid fast 900 RPM. It is a Kinetic weapon that can quickly eliminate fellow Guardians in PVP. 

Best Weapons to Use in the Season of the Witch 

Bungie has introduced many new exciting guns in the Season of the Witch. There have also been multiple balance changes that have altered the meta of the change. 

The most important change Bungie has made is that the zoom start on weapons no longer matters for damage drop-off. The damage drop-off of a weapon is calculated based on the range stat. 

Here is the list of the best Destiny 2 Weapons you must have in the Season of the Witch. 

  1. The Showrunner
  2. Warden’s Law
  3. Kept Confidence
  4. Unending Tempest 
  5. The Eremite 
  6. Locus Locutus 
  7. Deadpan Delivery
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These were all the new weapons that were introduced with the Season of the Witch. I must say, Bungie has made some very compelling weapons this season, making it hard to choose one or the other. Therefore, you should collect them all. 

If you have collected all the new season of the Witch weapons, let me know which you like using the most. This was it from my side, and I will be back with another interesting Destiny 2 topic. 

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