Destiny 2 Insight Guide: How To Get Insight For Opaque Cards?

Destiny 2 Insight Guide: How To Get Insight For Opaque Cards

The Deck of Whispers and Opaque card system replaces the seasonal activity modifier mechanic in the season of the Witch of Destiny 2, and Bungie couldn’t make it any more difficult. 

Understanding your way around the Deck of Whispers system and knowing how opaque cards function is difficult on its own, but that’s not just it. 

After finding an opaque card, its contents are hidden. To reveal the contents of an opaque card, Guardians need to farm insight. 

In this article, I will tell you all there is to know about Insight tokens in the season of the Witch of Destiny 2 and how to get insight for opaque cards. 

So, without further ado, let’s begin. 

What Is Opaque Card in Destiny 2 Season of the Witch?

Bungie has introduced the Lectern of Divination in Destiny 2. The Lectern of Divination is the place of Hive magic, which is fueled by Hive magic cards. 

The Hive magic cards are bundled into the Deck of Whispers. The deck contains  Major and Minor Arcana cards, both of which come with different perks.  

Minor Arcana cards constitute small bonuses, seasonal keys, armor, or engrams that function as rewards for the Guardians. 

On the contrary, Major Arcana cards grant modifiers and debuffs in seasonal activities: Altars of Summoning and Savathun’s Spire. 

You might be wondering why I am providing information about the Deck of Whispers when the article is about how to get insight for opaque cards. 

Well, opaque cards are used to acquire the Deck of Whispers. Whenever a Guardian finds an opaque card, he can go to the Lectern of Divination and turn the Opaque card into a Major or Minor Arcana card. You can think of the opaque card as a token currency for the Arcana Cards. 

Upgrading Opaque Cards to Major and Minor Arcana

When the opaque cards are converted into a Major or a Minor Arcana card, two things can happen; 

  • Either the opaque card converts into a Minor Arcana card, providing the Guardian with an immediate reward, or
  • The opaque card converts into a Major Arcana card. If it does, you will need to get insight to unlock the quest for the Major Arcana card

How to Get Insight for Opaque Cards? 

To begin the opaque card and insight process, you will first need to complete the “Toil and Trouble” questline, which is a short introductory quest of the Season of the Witch. 

Toil and Trouble quest

Completing this quest will grant you access to the Lectern of Divination in the HELM, where opaque cards are consumed for Arcana. 

To get insight for an opaque card, you need to complete small activities or challenges. The insight token will drop randomly when defeating enemies in the given activity.

Get Insight for Opaque Cards

Below are a few examples of Opaque Card quests in Destiny 2 that we’ve seen so far:

The Sisters

Gather Insight (25) by defeating Hive combatants in Savathun’s Spire and the Altars of Summoning. These are the new seasonal activities, which can be accessed from the HELM. Defeating hive enemies usually drops one Insight each, and the rate seems fairly generous at the start of the season.

The Adherent 

Gather Insight (5) from public event chests. To complete the Adherent objective, you will need to get five Insights. 

Defeat enemies during a Heroic public event, and you will have a much better chance of getting insights. You might be able to get all five insights in a single Heroic public event. 

A tip is to do the Vex Strike Force public event on Neumona if you haven’t earned the seasonal of the Witch exotic armor yet. Doing so will not only provide you the chance to get insights but also seasonal armor as well.

The Harbinger 

While on the Moon, complete waves of Altars of Sorrow. Doing so this grants you (5) insight in each wave. Additionally, you can defeat Nightmares in Sorrow’s Harbor to gather additional (5) insights.


Eliminate combatants using swords, glaive melee attacks, and melee abilities in Savathun’s Spire or the Altars of Summoning to gather Insight (25).

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Converting your opaque cards into Major Arcana cards as quickly as possible should be your priority because having Major Arcana modifiers and debuffs during seasonal activity makes all the difference between steamrolling through the seasonal activity or wiping many times at the hands of powerful Hive enemies. 

I know all the Deck of Whispers and Major Arcana gibberish might seem confusing. If it is, read our Deck of Whispers Guide, which goes into detail about all the different facets of this new system. 

If you are just getting started, you should jump on the insight farm right away because the season of the Witch is already underway; you don’t want to be that guy in the fire team who doesn’t have the Arcana modifier active now. Do you? 

This was it for this Destiny 2 Insight Guide, but I will be back with another interesting Destiny 2 shortly.

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